Everything You Need to Know About Low Sex Drive in Women

15 Jul


 Have you been battling with low sex drive in your life?  This could be the sign of a low sexual drive disorder  Aging is a common factor that leads to low sex drive in women.  Mood disorder medications could also be a major factor that leads to low sexual drive. Here is everything you need to know about a low sexual drive in women at gettheruler.com.


Most couples face a lot of problems especially when their partner cannot match up to their sexual desires.  There does not exist a specific number that determines the low sexual drive in a woman’s life.

 Common symptoms showed by other women related to low sexual drive includes showing no interest in any sexual desires.  It also applies to situations of self-pleasure such as masturbation.  Lacking any sexual thoughts or desires could be a symptom of low sexual drive. Having a general concern for your general sexual activities could also point out to a symptom.

 When to Visit a Doctor

 You should consult Pink Pussycat Pilldoctor the moment you start to experience a low sexual drive in your life.  A particular medication could the solution for all your troubles. It could also do with improving any chronic medical conditions including diabetes or high blood pressure.


There are many factors that come into play that may affect your sexual drive. You can discover more when you consult with a doctor.  Lifestyle choices play a role in affecting your sexual drive.  Below are some physical causes that result in low sex drive in women. To know more about sex, visit this website at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wellness

 One major cause of this condition is sexual problems.  Such problems could be because of the failure of reaching sexual orgasm or going through pain.  Another related cause is sexual diseases that affect your sexual drive.  Some examples of such diseases include diabetes, neurological diseases, arthritis or high blood pressure.

 Different medications could also cause your condition.  Your partner’s sex drive could be affected by the intake of excess antidepressants. Lifestyle choices play a role in affecting your sexual drive.  Your daily sex drive can be reduced by sipping your glass of wine on the daily.

Hormonal Changes

Changes in your hormones could be affecting your sex drive. Menopause is a major cause for reduced sexual activeness in a woman. The transition period of menopause follows with a reduction in estrogen levels.

 Reduction in sexual drive in women can be due to pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Having a baby brings about a lot of hormonal changes that lead to reduced sex drive. Fatigue during the pregnancy period also reduces the sexual drive.  Several medical options are available for such women since the low sex drive is not a permanent condition.

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